September 12,2016
SchoolMate-Engaging teachers, parents and students through Mobile Apps

Engaging teachers, parents and students through Mobile Apps

Mobile apps more than gaming, shopping and video watching experience offer an array of meaningful ways to engage teachers, students and parents. An app can provide ready in hand news and event updates concerning schools. It can further inform guardians regarding courses, timings, class time tables, homework, bus tracking etc. Apps can also provide a nice avenue to get information on results and individual student information. From tracking attendance record of your son to seeing teacher’s comments and suggestions to getting scoreboard, you can always remain updated on your son’s education thanks to a mobile app. SchoolMate App goes the extra mile providing the above features along with E-Wallet, Schoolmart, Fees payment etc.

Availability of information:

You may not always feel to spend extra minutes to open the school website and browse it for finding required information. Many people simply forget to load the site address just as soon as they come across the school’s web address. But if you have a mobile app of the school to offer all your students, guardians and faculties, it would fetch far better user volume as all would be able to access the information just with a single finger tap.

Increasing scope of communication:

Normally most guardians feel to go to their child’s school to have a check on their child’s improvement but in most of the times they discover themselves reeling under professional pressure or work stress and naturally they forget about their child. Now thanks to these mobile apps they can be constantly in touch with whatever is going on in the school of their children.

More involvement with various communities:

Education is no longer just an island for the participants as it was few decades ago. Today students are proactive from their school days to share any interesting content to their social media friends. Whether for contacting the school board members or for raising funds for a new initiative or for updating some vital event information on social pages – a mobile app like SchoolMate can offer you great array of community building scopes.
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