September 15,2016
SchoolMate-The Impact of Apps on the Education Sector

The Impact of Apps on the Education Sector

The profound influence of mobile in our lives today is no news. It has permeated almost all spheres of our lives – allowing us to be better, faster and save time and money. It is no different for the education sector. Its far reaching impact can already be felt as mobile prepares for the 3rd wave of revolution – the Internet of Things.

What this means for the education industry:

For the education sector, mobiles and smartphones provide a better and more engaging way of imparting education. Newer avenues of teaching and learning are opening up through mobile apps, which in turn is tremendously enhancing education like never before. Countries like US is already leveraging the power of the mobile app, be it changing the traditional way of ’going to school’ or doing away with ‘bringing books’ (thanks to iPad). Technology the world over has become a significant disruptive force for the education segment.
The impact of mobile apps on education industry has been deep. We are seeing live examples in today’s world of how education industry is being revolutionized by some fabulous innovations in mobile apps catering specifically this industry.

How mobile apps can contribute effectively:

Within the classroom or outside it, using mobile apps helps accomplish a higher degree of precision and efficiency, while making it a fun way of learning or teaching. Making a case for increased penetration of mobile apps into classroom and for virtual learning, we look at some of the key benefits mobile apps have had on the education industry.

  1. Range of options – Right from Duolingo for learning languages, Google Earth for geography or even entire course programs on iTunes U, and even Apps like SchoolMate, the sheer variety of options available for learner right on his/ her smartphone or tablet is mind boggling.
  2. Ease of access of knowledge/ administrative resources – Learning Management Systems and e-learning apps concentrate on providing a visually lasting way of designing educational courses, sending notifications, tracking child’s progress etc.
  3. Enable collaboration between students, teachers and parents – Innovative features like ‘Attendance’ and ‘Teacher’s App’ on the SchoolMate App helps teachers keep track of various aspects like performance assessment, grade records or attendance.

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