February 5,2016
SchoolMate-Teacher-Parent communication app

The Need for an App like SchoolMate in the Present Times

Nelson Mandela once said: 'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world'.

The truth of this statement is being realized now, more than any other time. It is the small steps we take every day to educate our little ones that make a huge impact. However, we cannot deny the fast paced nature of our lives and the work-life balance that all parents have to maintain in order to sustain their family. This is exactly where SchoolMate comes in – by ensuring that your child's education goes on perfectly fine while you go on with your work!

No, the application does not teach your child per se…but yes, it makes it much easier for you to participate in the process. None of us like to see that disappointed expression on our child’s face when we are unable to make it to their annual sports event just because we were busy with some work. Neither do we want to miss out on the first few crucial minutes of the board meeting because we were busy submitting the monthly school fees. SchoolMate plays the crucial role of facilitating Parent-Teacher communication.

Let us assume a scenario wherein, the school bus picks your kid up at 8am, but the news headlines show an accident on the same route which took place at about 8:20am. Instead of panicking about the safety and security of the child, the parent can easily track the exact location of the Bus in real-time along with the Bus Number and Estimated time of Arrival all through the SchoolMate App.

Alerts and Notifications about the various events in the school like Sports Day or Annual Day etc., are sent to the parents directly through the app and parents can also acknowledge the same. All kinds of payment related to school can be made through the E-wallet facility and this includes payments like, school fees and canteen expenses too. The application also eliminates the need for the child to carry cash as all the expenses can be made through the app.

Those curious about the performance of their child in daily school assignments and class tests can privately access the Progress Reports directly through the app.

Not just Parents but Schools also can reap the amazing benefits of the app. They can share daily homework and notifications to the entire class through a simple click. This ensures that parents do not miss out on what’s happening in school even if they are unable to visit in person.

SchoolMate also addresses the issue of the health of the child by letting you view the meal plan which means, planning a balanced diet is no longer difficult.

Education has a fairly wider spectrum and is not just confined to academic curriculum. It requires a child to be inquisitive and continually search for value addition. This will only be possible when a child reads books beyond their syllabus. Parents can thus keep track by checking the library transactions of their child. The application plays a vital role in the smooth development of a child by connecting the two strongest pillars of their childhood – School and Parents.

SchoolMate not only helps in the daily crucial tasks, but also keeps both Parents and Teachers updated with the latest happenings thus allowing each their piece of mind!