February 12,2016
SchoolMate-Spending quality time with children

What is Your Child's Poor Performance Telling You?

Competition reigns supreme at all walks of life – more and more children are being subjected to these troubles every day. Parents' concerns are not just limited to how well their child scores in their exams, but also whether they are doing well in sports, how much progress have they made in their painting skills, whether they are strumming the right strings at their guitar classes, so on and so forth.

Amidst all of this is a timid, overburdened mind looking for a way to escape all the madness. If your child is not doing well at school, you must check whether you are giving him or her right kind of support. Your child's poor performance is one of those signs which might point towards a bigger issue.

One of the most common issues is that of too much pressure. Parents are the role models, first friends and teachers for every child – they feel an urge to impress them. More often than not, children are themselves disturbed with their poor performance and their inability to live up to the expectations. Parents need to make sure that their child is not getting too overburdened. Some parents say that their child loves to be involved in a lot of things but you need to understand how much he or she can handle and only allow that much.

Poor performance could be attributed to silly mistakes which occur from not paying attention or inability to retain information. You could observe your child to understand if he or she is unable to remember regular things such as storage places at home, timings of their favourite shows, birthdays, etc.

SchoolMate is a platform that addresses this issue and focuses on removing this concern from the grass-root level. With smart features like Regular Alerts and Notifications, Class Time-Table and Progress Reports, parents are always kept in the loop no matter what. Parents can privately check the Progress Report of their children through the app itself. This will enable them to regularly track their child’s progress thereby nurturing them the right way!

Through the Alert and Notification feature of SchoolMate, parents can always stay updated about what's happening in school hence, actively being a part of various important events like Parent-Teacher Meeting, Sports Day and Annual Day.

With SchoolMate, parents can actively take part in all the important events in school. Children should be shown the world of knowledge that they are entitled to and not be pushed into a race.

As a parent, you must remember that your child tends to grasp your actions more than your words and SchoolMate facilitates you to do just that!